C. Pacific highly values our Vendor Partners as they are a key ingredient in our success. Today C. Pacific works with more than 250 Vendor-Partners around the world helping us ensure Consistent Quality, Constant Supply, and Competitive Market Price.

C. Pacific, namely, Sam, Ed and Caroline, have not only been a valued customer for over twenty years, but also a vendor of Huy Fong Foods, Inc. Their attention to detail and organization have made them a very easy, pleasant, and beneficial customer and vendor to work with. We thank them for their support and business and hope to continue our smooth, long-running relationship for years to come.



Known to many as having the best hot sauce in the world, Huy Fong Foods is a top-notch partner providing consistent quality chili sauce products.

Kokuho translates to treasure of the country. Developed in 1948 by Koda Farms, Inc. of South Dos Palos, California, Kokuho Rose, a unique variety of rice, is unequaled in flavor and appearance.

Founded in 1888, Lee Kum Kee has been a long-standing partner supplying numerous quality sauce products around the world.

As the leading sauce manufacturer in Taiwan, Kimlan continues to be an exclusive partner providing a variety of well-known sauce products.

As part of the world’s largest network of cane sugar refiners, C&H Sugar continues to be a key partner supporting the market with competitive products.

Founded in 1976, “Chaokoh” means “Islander” which intentionally implies for a resident of Samui Island in the south of Thailand that has long time known as the main coconut grower in the country. “Chaokoh” is therefore used as the brand name for all of their products that are related to coconut.

Offering a wide range of authentic Chinese sauces, Koon Chun Sauce Factory is an exceptional partner founded in quality traditions and techniques.

Aroy-D is a well know Thai brand know throughout the world. Their brand includes coconut milk products, curries, canned fruits, and sauces.

“Mae Ploy” is used as a brand name for Thai and oriental style chili paste, sauces, curries and condiments.

With 30+ years of experience Amay’s Bakery & Noodle Company has been a longtime consistent partner focused on traditional Chinese food products in America.

Three Ladies Brand rice products are a popular high-quality brand from Southeast Asia. Jasmine rice, rice paper, and rice noodles are just some products they offer.

Sailing Boat Brand known for their premium rice stick noodles.

A growing brand in Southeast Asia, Megachef continues to be a growing partner bringing original and authentic sauce products to satisfied customers worldwide.

Producing quality noodle products since 1924, Peking Noodle Company is a long-standing partner focused on quality and consistency.

A brand from the Zucramex family of sugars, Cane Star Sugar has a line of premium non-GMO granulated cane sugar products.

Founded in 1988, Totole Food Ltd. is one of the standard-setting units of chicken bouillon and Chicken powder flavor seasoning in the world.