Packed With Nutrients: Canned vs. Fresh

January 02, 2019

Packed With Nutrients: Canned vs. Fresh

You're at the grocery store deciding which fruits and vegetables to pick for your family. What do you choose to make healthful meals, fresh produce or canned fruits and vegetables? 

With the health trend being more apparent as we enter 2019, how are we supposed to get more nutrients at an affordable rate?

The answer is canned fruits and vegetables. 

We've all heard it before, the assumption of how canned food is "unhealthy" for you. People think that all canned foods are packed with high amounts of preservatives. This is true for some brands, but many canned food items are in fact healthy. 

Thankfully, studies show that canned produce free from added salt or sugars has the same nutrient value as frozen food and fresh produce if not better. 

The reason is that when fruits and vegetables picked at the peak of freshness start off with more vitamins and nutrients. But the degradation occurs during the entire process from picking, packing, shipping, and shelving. Often times, it can take days before it actually reaches the shopper's basket. Most of the nutrients are lost by than. “Losses of nutrients during fresh storage may be more substantial than consumers realize.” – Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture.

At the end of the day despite their reputation, canned fruits and vegetables retains a lot of their nutrients sometimes even more than what is being promoted by buying fresh produce. 

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